ShouldaStayin MexicoMP3




Should’ve Stayed In Mexico            by Glen Reid      

Street or packed with ice and snow

The city tries, but she just cant keep up with the load

This old town is shuttin’ down

It total gridlock tighter than the cold 


Another storm fronts movin’ in

And winters icy grip just will not let go(refuses to leave)

And still the snow keeps comin’ down

Driving wind would cut you to the bone


 With grim resolve and jaded dreams

The people cling to the promise that spring is so near

With the bitter chill that’s in the air

They wish to god, they were anywhere but here


 I didn’t know when I had it good

Didn’t know, shoud’ve  stayed put, no need to go

Could’ve stayed in Mexico

Bronzed skinned girls and silver sands

Moonlit nights, Meriachi bands, playin’ sweet and low,,

Food for my soul

Should,ve  stayed in Mexico

Shoulda Stayed in Mexico