Glen and Dusty at home in Burk's Falls

Cast Your Bread
          by Glen Reid

Cast your bread,  upon the waters
Youíll not reap,    just what you sew
If you want love,  you must give  love
Your reward,  will be ten fold

Oh the sweetest thrill, is the gift of giving
And a gift of love,  stands well with time
Trusting as,  a true companion
Or a motherís love,   shared with her child

Love is trust,  of the little children
And compassion,  for the weak
Love is faith,  of our fathers
And the blessing,  to the meak

Oh the rich man smiles, down from his mansion
On the other side, heíll want a home
Heíll be the richest man,  there in the graveyard
But the gates of heaven's  arenít paved with gold

Cast Your Bread upon the Water