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Paula Brancati, Moon Point Movie
Art Hindle, Glen Reid
Art Hindle and his wife Brook
"Wolves at the Gate" featured in the Moon Point Movie, All Canadian Production
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New Music by Glen Reid
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1. Wolves at the Gate (Glen Reid)
2. Dusty Ol' Denim (Glen Reid)
3. Believe Me (Traditional)
4. Cast Your Bread (Glen Reid)
5. Desert Rose Cafe (Glen Reid)
6. Gettin' Over Me (Glen Reid)
7. Johnny Knows Well (Glen Reid)
8. Bend in The River (Glen Reid)
9. Shoulda Stayed in Mexico (Glen Reid)
10. Maggie (Traditional)
11. Sing with the Angels (Rick Fielding)
12. Where have the Good Years all Gone? (Glen Reid)

Produced by Paul Mills
Featuring Dennis Pendrith, Don Reed,
Burke Carroll, Tom Leighton, Curly Boy Stubbs,
 Chris Coole, Andrew Collins,
Cindy Church, Debbie Flemming.

"Glen has truly outdone himself this time".
Every song is exceptional in it's own right.
These inspired arrangements 
paint a picture with words and music.
Glen brings different genre's together to create
a truly superlative, all accoustic, album of songs".

This fine collection of tunes Produced by Paul Mills
includes two new, but Retro 50's country songs
"Desert Rose Cafe & Dusty Ol' Denim".
A Swing/Jazz favourite "Gettin Over Me"  with Honky Tonk
piano by Tom Leighton, and a tragic but resplendent 
love ballad "Bend in the River" .

The two upbeat toe tappers 
"Wolves at the Gate" and "Johnny Knows Well"
will get you movin'  your feet with some fancy Banjo pickin by Chris Coole
and Mandolin performed by Andrew Collins.

Glen's spiritual song, a glorious gospel entry
"Cast Your Bread"  features Dennis Pendrith on String Bass
& Don Reed on Fiddle with an arousing chorus by The Woods Chorale.

There are two genteel traditional songs now preserved called 
"Believe Me" ...if all those Endearing Young Charms"
from the 1700's and "Maggie" from the late 1800's.
This is keeping our heritage music alive for the young ones.

Let's not forget about that trip South, warm and wonderful
and the consequences of returning to the harsh Canadian climate in
"I Shoulda Stayed in Mexico".

There is a little gem from the late Rick Fielding, Glen's longtime
friend and mentor called
"Sing with the Angels When I'm Gone".

Last but not least a rapturous ballad to all his old Friends & Lovers, 
"Where have the Good Years all Gone?" 
You will enjoy this heartfelt message enhanced by Curly Boy's classical guitar.

"Get out the hankies, start tapping your feet, you will love
this collection of inspired songs".

All this and great Musicians too.
Recorded at "The Mill Stream" & produced by Paul Mills 
featuring Dennis Pendrith string bass,
 Don Reed on fiddle, Tom Leighton on piano & accordion,
Chris Coole clawhammer banjo,
Curly Boy Stubbs on guitar, banjo, percussion & mandolin.
Burke Carroll on Dobro and
Andrew Collins on mandolin.
Vocals & Harmonies by Cindy Church,
 Debbie Flemming and the Woods Chorale.

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"Dusty Ol' Denim"

for $20.
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  Heritage River CD

          LIST OF SONGS

  1. Log Drivers Song (Mac Beattie)
  2. Heritage River (G.Reid)
  3. Dreams of the Hobo (G. Reid)
  4. Old Super-I-ay (B. Stains)
  5. Mary of the Wild Moor (Trad.Arr. by G.Reid)
  6. Hard Rock Miner (G.Reid)
  7. Little Shack Up the Pontiac (M. Beattie)
  8. Lifeline to the Heartland (G.Reid) 
  9. Roustabout Song (D. Bustin)
  10. If I were a Blackbird (Trad. Arr. by G.Reid)
  11. Black River Ramble (G.Reid)
  12. In My Father's Time (G. Reid)
  13. River Flow for Me (R.Fielding)

Heritage River Download
Hard Rock Miner Download

Heritage River  is an extremely accessible album. Straightforward, in a folkie, old-time country style, the recording flows naturally through Reidís pleasant baritone vocals, some fine playing and tasteful background vocals from The Black River Boys... it would not be surprising to see other artists begin to cover Reidís material; it has a delightful, old-fashioned sensibility. If you like a countryish folk sound, this recording is a gem. One of the most likable recordings of 1996.

The Heritage River Collection  challenges the listener through all senses - the drone of the riverboatís chug, the smell of the timber from the camps, the taste of grit and sweat from the mines, the feeling of fatigue in tired muscles and the visual span of the vast forests and meadows, lively lumberjacks and the beauty of the lakes and rivers that network all of us.

Gene Wilburn
Northern Journey Online

Glenís new CD release, Heritage River, pours out his heart. There is the serene oneness with the natural environment that most environmentalists fail to understand. Woven between the lines are melodious tunes that lift you up and place you somewhere magical.

Reid is one of the very few people who have won multiple Porcupine Awards, The first (Stan Rogers Golden Quill Award) one for his brilliant song My Green Valleys in 1992, and the other in 1996 (Mac Beattie Award) for Heritage River , writing songs about Ontario.

Steve Fruitman, host
The Great North Wind
CIUT-FM 89.5 Toronto

What does Canadian music sound like? You canít define it, can you? Hence, say some, it doesnít exist. How come, then, there are certain records that jump at you, recordings that remind you of something distant but familiar - songs that make you think of wild bush and roaring rivers, that make you think of Canada? Folk-singer Glen Reidís new Heritage River CD is one of those recordings. Reid has taken the culture of his region - where the Ottawa Valley lumber traditions merge into the bush of Northern Ontario and has put together a rich cross-section of songs. Highly recommended.
Charlie Angus
Highgrader Magazine

He has written half a hundred songs, knows his way around the strings and has a folksie flavour that makes his songs and stories come alive. Heís Glen Reid. A veteran of 30 plus years in the music business with the likes of Singalong Jubilee, Blind Freddie McKenna and Stompiní Tom Connors, Reid has broken a lengthy silence with a fascinating  release, Heritage River. The finest cuts are a sextet of his own efforts, headed by the title track and Lifeline To The Heartland. At a recent concert in his hometown of Burkís Falls, Ontario, Reid told stories of growing up along the (Magnetawan) river, stories that had some of the older members of his audience nodding their heads with fond remembrances of their own. Glen Reid, welcome back and hey, written any railroad songs lately?
Peter F. Handley
Rogerís Cable Network
and Freelance Broadcaster/Journalist


         Wildcats Howlin'

  1. The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore (Jean Ritchie) 
  2. Wildcats Howlin'  (G.Reid)
  3. Too Much Talk (G.Reid)
  4. Waitin' for the Lights to Change (R.B.Ward)
  5. Seein' the Blue (G.Reid)
  6. I'm Just Dreaming (F.J Eaglesmith)
  7. All I Have to Give (Hutchinson/Wallace)
  8. Circle of Song (G.Reid) 
  9. Crimson & Gold (G.Reid)
  10. First Unto This Country (Trad. Arr. G.Reid)
  11. Try Those Wings (G. Reid)
  12. The Great North Wind (C. Angus)

Wildcats Howlin' Download
Crimson & Gold Download
Too Much Talk Download

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Glen Reid

R.R.#1 Burk's Falls

Ontario Canada

P0A 1C0

Phone 1 705 382-5864

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